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Apple MacBook Review

The Workhorse Of Mac Laptops - All The Mobile Power You Need - Without A Silly Price

MacbookIt's easy to write off Apple Mac's as an expensive design exercise, especially by those of us so used to Windows PC's, but sometimes you've got to throw off those shackles and try something different.

The MacBook Laptops undoubtedly look great, in white or black, and the screens are good too. We're talking about ease of use, great applications, security, and stability.

The Macbook sits below the MacBook Pro in Apple's range, smaller, cheaper, not as many ports and not quite as powerful, but with specs that are good enough for most of us.

The MacBook comes in a number of different variations, so let's see what we can get for our money.

The Apple Macbook is 32.5cm wide, by 22.7cm deep, by 2.75 cm high (closed) and weighs about 2.3 kgs or 5 pounds. Our screen is 13.3", we've got a great keyboard, and up to 6 hours battery life. We can ask for a 2ghz or 2.2ghz Processor, 512 or 1gb of Ram, between 80gb and 160gb hard-drive, and an Optical Drive that can either read cd's and dvd's and write cd-r's, or the Superdrive that can read and write cd's and dvd's.

Let's have a look at a video review:

If you've read some of my other Mac articles you may be getting to know the way Apple works in the way that it thinks about how it specs it's computers. Some people see it as a deliberate way of forcing people to trade up, by leaving things like ports and slots. I prefer to look at in another way, and I'm sure it's the way Apple look at it too.

When you buy a Windows laptop you can fix all sorts of junk to it, slow it down, and just move away from the mobile experience. Apple know the limits of their computers, so only give you what you'll need. Try not to get too hung up on bells and whistles - the Macbook is a workhorse that will do most things you ask for it well. No wonder it's the most popular portable Mac.

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