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Apple Mac Pro Review

Serious Power For Pro Users

Mac ProThe Mac Pro. This is a workstation, not a desktop PC it is built and designed to produce raw computing power, and could be seen as the ultimate Office System, or if you're rich an amazing home option.

Let's look at some of the available specifications to see what we could buy with a lot of hard-earned cash.

Lets talk about the brains, the processors. Apple have use two of Intel's quad-core processors, running between 2.8ghz and 3.2 Ghz. That's right 8 processors in one box, all beavering away at your applications to complete them in the fastest time possible. We're talking real speed here.

You could put up to 4Tb of hard-drive storage in this monster, and up to 32Gb of Ram. Amazing. But so are the prices, as you'd expect from a machine of this capability.

Lets check out a video:

There isn't that much more I can say about the Mac Pro, it's specification boggles the mind, I can't ever imagine owning one, but good luck to you if you do. Amazing.

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