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Apple Mac Mini Review

Grab A Mac For A Bargain Price, Just BYODKM!

Mac MiniWhat on Earth is this smal little plastic box? It's your first Mac Desktop that's what it is! Realising that their computers are too expensive for most of us, Apple have been kind enough just to bring out a box.

That's right, just a box. The Mac Mini has the brains, the memory, hard-drive, etc, so as Steve Jobs says "Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard and Mouse!" This is great as most of us already have a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse - so why pay for new ones? Alright, I know that for the price of a Mac Mini you could get get a Windows system with all those things thrown in, but hey, this is a Mac article!

Apple have also realised that different people want different specifications, so this Mini Mac can have a 1.83ghz to 2.0ghz Intel Duo Processor, you can ask for up to 2gb of memory, an up uo 160gb Hard Drive, and a few expansion slots.

Lets check out a video:

So who would be interested in buying the Mac Mini? Well, if you've already got the aforementioned monitor, and want a relatively cheap risk-free entry into the world of Macs the Mini could be a great option.

Just imagine, all you've got to do is order the little Box, then plug it into your existing accessories when it arrives, and you're off. Mac to go!

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