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Apple iMac Review

Apple's Desktop Will Be A Surprise To Windows Users...

iMacThe Apple iMac. A thing of beauty, just look at that brushed aluminium case, superb keyboard and crystal clear display. But where's the box? Where's the bit where you put your discs in? There isn't one. It's all built into the monitor!

That's right, the disc drive is on the side of the monitor, the memory is in there, along with the processor and all the other gubbins.

This is a refreshing change from the multi-boxes, and leaves you with much more space on your desktop. More space that is, until you plug in your external hard-drives, card-readers, scanners, etc.

So if you're in the market for a Mac to replace your desktop, the iMac is a great choice. It comes in 20" or 24" monitors, and we can also specify different hardware.

Processors start off at 2.0ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and head on up to 2.8ghz Intel Core 2 Extreme. Hard Drives 250gb to 1Tb, memory 1gb (expandible to 4gb), Optical Drives, Cd-r's right through to Apples multi-format Super-Drive. Very nice.

Lets check out a video:

The iMac is a very impressive piece of computing power. It's just the sheer neatness of the idea. I've got issues with the repairability of all in one units - I guess if you damage the monitor it all goes in the bin, or you'll have an expensive repair bill from Apple.

The best way to decide about an iMac is to get down to your local Apple Store or retailer that keeps them in stock, and on display, so that you can have a play and you'll just be so impressed.

I've looked long and hard at the 20" iMac as a desktop replacement. They truly look amazing - the screen has unbelievable clarity, it just is so damn cool! Every time I go into our local Apple retailer I've got to resist the urge to slap down the plastic and take one home.

As a hardened Windows user, playing with a Mac for the first time is a disconcerting experience. The screen overwhealms, the keyboard feels odd, and the new "mighty mouse" with it's little nub click wheel is very different. Your brain aches as you hunt round the screen for the start button or menus. It's simpler than that, everything is down across the bottom of the screen in a neat row.

Vista tries hard, but the way Mac applications open, close and interact is a joy. Open up time machine and you see this display of stacked Windows. If you delete something you shouldn't have, or change a setting, just scroll back through these windows to restore your Mac. It's a real wow factor.

With Bootcamp you can even install your copy of XP or Vista to a partition on the iMacs hard-drive, so all your old applications are still accessible. An alternative is to use Windows in an emulator so you can have Mac and Windows apps running at the same time. Now there's no reason to switch!

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