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How To Get DVDs (You Own) Onto Your Apple Ipod Nano

We Walk You Through One Method Of Adding Video To Your Apple Ipod Nano 3g


Ipod with cds

So I've got the wonderful WWII drama "Band of Brothers" DVD box set from Amazon for just £15! I'll be watching it on our TV, but it got me thinking about if I could transfer the Films to my Apple Ipod Nano.

We'll be using Red Kawa's Videora Ipod Nano converter with DVD decrypter to hopefully do this.

Remember, it's illegal to copy other peoples DVD's or download copies from the Internet, but I think it's ok to use DVD's in your own collection, just don't share the files!

Let's get started!

Videora start-up

Fire up Videora and click the "DVD" option under the Convert menu.

Conversion instructions

Videora includes comprehensive instructions on what to do next, so I won't repeat them, just follow them step by step.

Now convert video

Now we've got a .vob file, we can convert it for use on our Ipod Nano.

Just click on the "Video File" and follow the instructions. I always use basic mode and set the quality to medium for a nice ballance between encoding time and picture quality.

If the movie doesn't appear in your itune library automatically, just go into itunes and use "file" "add file to library".


See below for a video of the final result, although it looks a lot better in real life without those lines that have appeared in the capture.


Comments / Questions:


how do you get bits of the simpsons movie onto your ipod?

You'd need to grab a clip then use the above software.

How much capacity does say a 2hour film take on an ipod?

It varies depending on the compression settings you choose, but I would look at about 1gb.

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