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My New Apple Ipod Nano 8gb Part 2

A Few Weeks In And I'm Loving It!

My Apple Ipod Nano 8gb BlackRight, I've had my Nano for a few weeks now, so I feel I'm more qualified to review it than in my first article. What I can say is that as I've got to know how to use most of the features, it's become an integral part of my daily routine, Ipod on, Podcast playing, start work!

I won't bore you with all the boring technical stuff, check out our Apple Ipod Nano Review for that, suffice to say that I haven't managed to fill the 8gb up with music or video yet, or managed to run it flat in a single day.

What you do need to do as soon as you get a new Nano is buy a protective case or skin and a screen protector. The Shiny Steel back is as hard as butter and scratches if it just sees a rough surface. Get one that takes a lanyard or neck strap too, you don't want to be dropping it by mistake.

So what makes the Apple Ipod Nano 3g so special? Let's start with the big guns, the Screen and Video capability. I started off by synching some music videos across, Springsteen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc, and they look and sound great. The screen is pin sharp and crystal clear, and with the beautiful stereo sound coming through your ear-buds its a whole new way to ejoy the commute to work or the spare five minutes.

Now don't laugh but I honestly transferred the whole of the Matrix Film onto the little Ipod to see if it was possible to watch a full length Movie without going blind. Well you can... sort of. The sound is great, and the picture superb, but after about 20 minutes you do need to give your peepers a rest, then again and again. I wouldn't choose to watch a film at home when the DVD player is so readily available, but if I had a long train or plane journey, the ability to have a couple of my favourite films in my pocket would be great.

On to a little video I've put together. it's a bit different from my previous efforts and I'm not sure if the format works, but I was playing around with my new Fujifilm S5700 camera... so apologies in advance.

Apart from Video, the biggest revelation for me was the discovery of Podcasts. Obviously I've heard of them before, but I wasn't that interested. Bored one afternoon I downloaded This Week In Tech, and I was hooked. They may be like Radio Shows without the music, but where else could you spend an hour listening to four people discuss the best ways to promote your web business? (If thats what you're into.) I'm currently subscribed to 18 tech related Podcasts (mostly audio - the video ones seem to be full of too much fluff).

Ah.. music. Once I realised the best way to get music onto my Ipod, ie rip cd's rather than buy from Itunes, I transferred about 20 cds in one session. I love shuffling the songs up and making up Playlists, the mix-tapes of the Twenty First Century.

The big question has to be would I rather have an Ipod Touch over my Nano? No way. The Nano is tiny and yet packed full of everything I need in an mp3 player. The 8gb are more than enough memory for my needs, Sure, if the Touch had a really big storage capacity, near the 160gb of the Classic, then I might of been tempted, but hey, the Nano is only about £120 - a great bargain.

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