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My New Apple Ipod Nano 8gb First Look & Video

Sorry, I Just Had To Have One...

My Apple Ipod Nano 8gb BlackYou know me, I very, very rarely buy something new. I usually wait 5 years and get it on eBay or from the local car boot sale, but after I had an hours play on a friends New Apple Ipod, I simply had to have one. I've had it about a day now, so I've done a really quick video and I'll share with you my thoughts about being a New Nano Owner!

When you first get a Nano out of the box, you think, well this thing is small, but it is a bit oddly shaped compared to the previous version, and that screen looks at bit small, so you start wondering if it will be any good.

Before we actually get to play with this new Ipod, it's off to Apple's website to download the latest version of itunes, which took ages to download and install on my old pc. Once it was in place it magically find the content on my pc, and I plugged the ipod in to let it sync and charge, which I left it to do for a few hours while I went off to do some DIY.

Even sitting here now, looking at my Nano in it's little box I start to think it's too small, maybe I should have saved up for an Ipod Touch, so you'll have to excuse me while I get it out and play with it again.

<10 minutes later>

I'm amazed again. Despite the small size of the screen, because it is pin-sharp and crystal clear, videos are great. I've just watched Springsteens "Born to Run" video, and it was superb. I've also downloaded trailers for a few films, and although in widescreen (black bar top and bottom) they still look, and sound fabulous. I even showed my wife, who normally isn't into anything gadgety, and even she was very impressed.

So what can you do with an Apple Ipod Nano 8gb? Well I've got the 8gb version, which should hold about 2000 songs (130 albums!) or 8 hours of video or 7000 photos, or a combination of all. The Nano uses Flash memory, not a mini hard-drive, so battery is an impressive 24 hours when listening to audio, or 5 with video, more than enough for anyone in my opinion.

I even took the time to have a mooch around the itunes store, and couldn't resist buying a video - Bruce Springsteens "Born to Run", and it looked and sounded great.

The only problem is when you've been listening to Nano videos and trailers with gorgeous stereo sound, when you go back to "just" listening to the music, you long to have the video to go along with the music!

Down-sides? Nothing much to report yet, except that the stainless steel back is showing signs of scratches already - time to get a case and fast!

I'll report back with more info and reviews soon - once I've used it for a few weeks.

Update: Here's the next part of my Ipod Nano Article - Part Two

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