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New Apple Ipod Shuffle 1gb Review

A Tiny Ipod For Truly Every Day Use...

Apple Ipod ShuffleLets talk some figures before we get stuck into this review, so we can get some ideas into context.

The new Ipod Shuffle has a storage capacity of about one gigabyte, which is about 240 songs. Compared to the new Touch, at 16gb, or the new Classic, at 160gb, these sounds puny, but it isn't.

If you were to listen to all 240 songs on your new Shuffle it would take you about 14 hours. You'd have to be listening all day. How often do you do that? 240 songs is around 24 albums worth of material. Could you imagine carting around 24 cassettes with your old Sony Walkman, or that many CD's with an old portable player? I think not.

We have all become a little too caught up in the race for higher capacities and specifications, when all most of us want is a cheap, reliable player that is easy to use, won't cost the earth to replace, is light and easily carried. The Shuffle if so small and light you can use the in-built clip to attach it to your shirt pocket, and you won't know it's there. Simple and a great design.

Imagine you're on the train, maybe commuting to work. You're in a rush, jump off the train only to discover you've left your Ipod on the seat. If you've just spent £200 on a Touch or Classic it's time to cry. £50 for a Shuffle? So what, it's not the end of the world. You won't get mugged for it. You won't be terrified of scratching or damaging it. You probably will never drop it because it's so light that it can hang from the headphone cable. Just clip it on and go.

You will spend more time with iTunes when using a shuffle, but it does become a joy picking out your best tracks to sync up. How many times do you just what to turn on and listen, rather than trawl through menus to get to the track you want?

Hit the shuffle button and your ipod will mix up the tracks, and because you've only selected your favourite ones, it will be a joy.

Did we mention the 12 hour battery life? Pretty good. Just pop it back on the supplied docking station to charge it up, very, very easy.

I imagine the Apple Ipod Shuffle will be in lots of peoples Christmas stockings this Xmas...

BUT WAIT! It's not quite as simple as that. Because for only another £45 quid you could get a new Ipod Nano 4gb with video.... Oh dear. I knew it wasn't going to be simple....

If you've already made up your mind, you could:

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