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New Apple Ipod Classic 80gb / 160gb Review

Massive Storage Capacity and Longer Battery Life - Is This The Ultimate Ipod?

Apple Ipod ClassicStop and think about this for a minute. The New Apple Ipod Classic 160gb can hold 40,000 songs. Or 200 hours of video, about 130 movies. Is that enough storage for you?

So we can already say that the new Sixth Generation of Ipods, renamed the "Classic" has more than enough storage capacity for anyone, so it's a real winner on that front already, but what else has this new toy got to offer?

If you're tired of your plastic mp3 player getting scratched the minute you buy it, the Classic looks like a better option with metallic case, but as ever buy a protective cover straight away to protect your new purchase.

Battery life has been improved too - we now get about 30 hours of audio and 5 hours of video on the Apple Ipod Classic 80gb version, and 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video on the slightly thicker 160gb version.

Apple have redesigned the user interface - we now have previews of photos or cover-art as we're gliding through the menu's, all very slick if a little disconcerting for the existing Ipod User looking to upgrade.

A form of coverflow makes an appearance too - now we can flick through our music collection using the click wheel just like on the Ipod Touch and iPhone, if not quite as smoothly, but it all adds to the experience.

We've got new games and the old extra software has been updated, but that isn't why you'll be buying this Ipod - it'll be about storage capacity!

I guess if the new Ipod Classic had come out on its own we would be giving it our unreserved seal of approval. For just over £200 you are getting a media player with massive storage and superb battery life. Audio quality is good, and it's even possible to watch films on the crisp 2.5" screen, and you can fit hundreds on!

But then there's the new Ipod Touch, which has a much bigger touch-screen, wi-fi, internet access.... BUT only 16gb of storage - for even more money! Apple are toying with us. We want all the features of the Touch (or iPhone) with the storage capacity of the Classic - I bet we'll see one over the next 12 months!

Thinking about it sensibly though, it comes down to whether you want your ipod for music or video. If its music, get the new classic. You will never, ever fill it up, and the battery last ages. If you want video, get the Touch, but please have a look at both before you buy!

If you've already made up your mind, you could:

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